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Of all the wedding keepsakes, the ones we hope will last the longest are often made of the most fragile and fleeting materials.
Bridal Conservatory is the pioneer in wedding gown preservation and bouquet preservation in the Philippines possessing unrivaled expertise for 10 years
So much time, effort, and money was put into the selection of the wedding dress, the bridal accessories and the bridal bouquet. It would be a shame to just keep them in a box and shove them in the closet after the wedding is over! Or worse, in the case of the bouquet, to just watch it wilt before throwing it into the trash! The Bridal Conservatory began ten years ago, specializing in the fine arts of preserving all types of fresh flowers and fine apparel -- the first in the Philippines. Today, The Bridal Conservatory is recognized as the Asia's "Premier Floral and Fine Apparel Preservationist" -- possessing unparalleled expertise in textile preservation and floral preservation methods, backed up by detail-driven technology and hordes of happy brides.

The Bridal Conservatory is proud to be recommended by the country's top florists, couturiers, and bridal consultants... Trusted with the care of their own personal collections.

We strive to consistently deliver an exceptional level of service befitting the quality of work produced by the best wedding professionals in Asia and the Philippines. We are proud to be the preservationist of choice for the forerunners of the wedding industry and the country's most distinguished citizens.

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