The Bridal Conservatory bridal bouquet preservation in Manila Philippines produces perfectly preserved fresh flowers in a frame using a patented Fresh Treatment process.

"This is a time for flowers. May each of them give to you not only its beauty and fragrance, but also the symbolic meaning that human experience has added to them."

The wedding ceremony will probably be the only time in a woman's life when the way she looks and feels is so closely identified with the flowers she holds. This is the reason preserving these flowers will truly remind her of that unforgettable walk down the aisle.

The Preservation Process :

The secret to perfectly preserved flowers are beautiful, fresh blooms. First, we pick up the fresh bridal bouquet after the ceremony, treating them with the utmost care to prevent bruising during travel to the conservatory. There, our skilled craftspeople will gently untie the bouquet to prepare the flowers for treatment. Unlike the common methods of hang-drying, pressing, and silicon compound drying, which leave your flowers brown, shriveled, flat, and dull-looking, The Bridal Conservatory will treat each bloom in your bouquet using a patented "Fresh Treatment" process, locking in their natural beauty including both form and color, and keeping them looking fresh and alive! The preserved blooms are then expertly arranged into exactly the same form as the original bouquet and finished with a copy of your wedding invitation. To complete the process, the flowers are hermetically sealed into one of our elegantly crafted display cases to protect them from the harsh elements. The result is a beautiful family heirloom that is truly one of a kind.


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