The cost of our exclusive preservation service for fine textile pieces starts at PhP 20,000. The exact price is determined by actual dimensions, the intricacy of the dress construction, and the cleaning and restoration problems it presents.

    Our price includes the preliminary inspection, analysis, preventive repairs, museum-standard cleaning, as well as the return of your dress in our special long-term storage box with archival-quality packing materials, preservatives, and an internal environment monitor.

For a quick guideline to how we arrive at the cost of preserving your dress, consider these points:

  • Does it have a very full or layered skirt?
  • Does it have a cathedral train?
  • Is it heavily beaded or embroidered?
  • Are there areas that are heavily padded?
  • Are there any noticeable spills or tears?

Assessment Fees
We charge P500 for the physical inspection, preliminary analysis and assessment of costs for preservation. This fee is deductible when Preservation or Restoration Services are ordered.

Restoration Service for Damaged Textiles
We offer custom restoration services for damaged textile pieces. Pricing depends on the degree and scope of restorative work required.

Premium Dry-Cleaning Service
Should you require a premium dry-cleaning service for a dress that is to be worn again before museum-standard cleaning and preservation, we would be happy to be of assistance. We will bundle the service with your preservation order and is not available for purchase separately.

Wedding Shoe Cleaning
We will gladly accept requests to clean fabric-covered and embellished shoes. This service costs P2,000 a pair.

Sealing Service

The sealing service for gowns is reserved for customers who have had the same gowns cleaned and preserved at The Bridal Conservatory. The same fee applies to customers who, in addition to their preserved gowns, wish to have their accessories sealed using our archival materials, and those whose original gown bags have been opened or accidentally punctured. Original bags will be replaced, and its built-in preservative supply replenished. The sealing fee is set at a flat rate of P950 (USD 20*) per bag. This service may not be used towards the replacement of textile storage kit components.

Shipping and Handling

We ship nationwide and worldwide. As a commitment to safety, we ship all dresses and accessories fully insured to its origin. Handling fees apply.

Consultation Services

We provide textile conservation advice to museum professionals and individuals regarding the treatment and care for antique, vintage, or damaged textile pieces. A one-on-one session with our in-house textile conservationist to discuss treatment options and devise custom plans is charged a minimum hourly rate of P1500.

*Prices may change without prior notice. Foreign currency equivalents vary.


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